A project proposal was conceived during 2013-14 for the sustainable development of water resources for the water security of Pulapally and Mullakolly Panchayats.
The main focus of this project was for the optimum use of the available water potential by improving and modernizing the existing irrigation system.
Under this project two areas viz Kurichipatta in Pulpaly and Channothkolly in Mullankolly Panchayats were identified and were taken up for development as a model for sustainable management of water resources for water security.
The targeted development is proposed to be achieved at an estimated cost of Rs. 500 lakhs.
This project has been taken up and is being implemented by Kerala Irrigation infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.
WAYANAD PACKAGE – present status on .01.08.2016
Participatory Rural Appraisals were carried out in Pulpally and Mullankolly Panchayats with participatory mapping with stake holder participation in padasekharams at Kurichipatta in Pulpally panchayath and Channothkolly Padasekharam in Mullankolly Panchayath
Based on the results of these PRA scheme implementation was taken up and the following works are being taken up and implemented.

1. Repairs of existing check dams to store rain water at Kurichipatta and water extraction system at Channothkolly.
2. Pumping arrangements ie installing water lifting arrangements to irrigate ayacuts on higher elevations, to lift water to the storage tanks in Kurichipatta and Channothkolly.
3. Micro irrigation with drip system to the fields in Kurichipatta and Channothkolly. The drip system is arranged on a turnkey basis with Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning Operation, Maintanance, Training. Drip Irrigation System includes drip lines, filters, secondary filters, fertilizer equipments, irrigation controllers, pressure relief valve, butterfly valves, air release valves, pc emitters, fittings and accessories, supply of spare parts, tools etc. The arrangement includes requisite man power for operation and maintenance of the system for three years after the date of completion on turnkey basis.
4. Construction of new tanks for storing water for drip irrigation.