Check dam across Bharathapuzha at Mannanur in Vaniyamkulam Panchayath

The Government vide its order G.O (Rt) No.563/2013/WRD dated 22-05-13 of WR (ISWC) Dept. has  accorded Administrative sanction for the construction of a check dam across Bharathapuzha at Mannanur in vaniyamkulam Panchayath.

The technical advice from I IT Madras was taken on the issues of technology adoption and design parameters in the construction of this check dam. The Government have accorded sanction for execution of this work by Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (KIIDC) and based on these recommendations detailed estimates have been prepared and technical sanction was issued for an amount of Rs.5,61,00,000/-

The implementation of the proposed check dam is complete.

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