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Hilly Aqua – Packaged Drinking Water

Hilly Aqua is a new brand of packaged drinking water from Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (KIIDC), a wholly owned company of Government of Kerala set up for the promotion and development of medium, large scale and micro irrigation project in the State. KIIDC provides comprehensive support for investors facilitating constant interaction between the Government and the irrigation sector. Manufactured and marketed by KIIDC itself, Hilly Aqua is the safest way to drink pure water.

Water is essential and portable water is even more so. No other natural resource has such an overwhelming influence on mankind. The right for safe and pure drinking water is fundamental. Even in Kerala, a land blessed with abundant water bodies, drinking water faces serious threat. Government of Kerala takes the initiative to provide pure potable water at a reasonable rate with a social concern. That’s Hilly Aqua, the only water bottling plant using surface water.

Water Resource Department is very much concerned about the quality of water and emphasizes that water given to people should meet high requirement of modern hygiene and it must be free from toxic substances and pathogenic organisms. A large number of infectious diseases are the result of contaminated water. Water pollution is detrimental to aquatic life and also affects the existence of flora and fauna.

The obvious solution for the problems of water is to control the impurity at the source where it is manufactured or used before it gets contaminated. Here comes the relevance of packaged drinking water. Packaged drinking water is a thriving industry with huge potential. It has a remarkable growth trajectory and emerged as one of the most rapidly growing competitive markets. To meet the rising demand and to take control of the spiraling prices, Government of Kerala, decided to set up bottling plants at strategic locations.