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Quotation no     KIIDC/HAD/2017-2018
Due date and time of receipt of quotation 22.12.2018
Date upto which rates are to remain firm for acceptance 31.01.2019
Designation and address of the officer to whom quotation are to be addressed Managing Director, KIIDC, Vasantha Vihar Gardens, Kumarapuram, Medical College P O, TVM-11
Superscription Quotation for transportation of drinking water bottles



Quotation for Transportation of bottled drinking water bottle of various capacities like 300ml, 1000 ml and 2000ml from the factory premises at Muttom, Thodupuzha to destination in Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Kannur, Cheemeni, Viyyur,  Alappuzha.


Quotations are invited from owners of lorry drivers / fleet operators for transportation of bottled drinking water bottle of various capacities like 300ml, 1000 ml and 2000 ml from the factory premises at Muttom, Thodupuzha to the designated destinations in various districts of Kerala, as detailed below. Outgoing consignment consists of bottled drinking water bottle of various capacities like 300ml, 1000 ml and 2000ml.

  1. Factory premises of “Hilly Aqua” at Muttom, Thodupuzha to
    1. Central Prison , Thiruvananthapuram                – 1 or 2 trips in 7 days
    2. Central Prison , Kannur                               – 1 or 2 trips in  30 days
    3. District Prison , Kozhikode                                – 1 or 2 trips in  30 days
    4. District Prison , Alappuzha – 1 or 2 trips in  30 days
    5. Open Prison , Cheemeni                                  – 1 or 2 trips in  30 days
    6. Central Prison , Viyyur – 1 or 2 trips in  30 days




All the clauses of the Quotation, general and special terms & conditions shall be read thoroughly and well understood before quotation is submitted. Before submitting the bid, the quotationers are advised to be well acquainted with the actual working and familiar with all other prevalent conditions, facilities available, nature of consignments, dispatches etc. No claim will be entertained later on the ground of lack of knowledge. KIIDC will not pay any extra charges for any reason after acceptance of the rate contract even if it is found later that the transporter has misjudged the nature and scope of work.



The Quotationer is required to submit Rs. 2,000/- as Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) drawn in favour of “MD, KIIDC Limited, Thiruvananthapuram” along with the bid.

Quotations not conforming to this condition will be summarily rejected.

The Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) will be refunded to unsuccessful Quotationers within a reasonable time after the award of the contract. For successful Quotationers, the same will be converted and adjusted against security deposit.

EMD shall be forfeited, if the Quotationer withdraws his offer during the validity period or fails to sign the contract agreement, after award of the contract.

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) shall not carry any interest.


Quotations should remain valid for acceptance for a minimum period of one month from the date of bid opening.

Unless specified otherwise in ‘Special Terms & Conditions’/Quotation notice (NIT), the rates should be firm for a period of one year from the date of acceptance of the Quotation.

Quotations not submitted on prescribed format, Submission otherwise and incomplete shall be summarily rejected.

The Quotationers shall quote their rates inclusive of all extra charges like surcharges, goods tax, market fluctuations etc., so that the rate quoted shall be a consolidated one taking the above elements into consideration. No claim will be entertained on this account after acceptance of the Quotation or during the currency of the contract.


  1. a) Accept or reject any of the bid/all bids or cancel/withdraw the invitation for bid without assigning any reason whatsoever, and in such case no bidder/intending bidders shall have any claim arising out of such action by KIIDC.
  2. b) Reject conditional Quotations, Quotations containing absurd or unworkable rates and Quotations which are incomplete and otherwise considered defective and Quotations not in accordance with the Quotation conditions, during the Quotation evaluation process.
  3. c) Accept/Reject any or all Quotations fully or partly, reduce/ increase business volume and number of transporters, split the award without assigning any reasons
  4. d) Cancel/terminate the work order/contract at any time during its currency without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
  5. e) Reject the lowest or any Quotation, or any part of the Quotation, or all the Quotations, without assigning any reasons thereof.


The transporter shall submit within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the award of contract / letter of intent, an amount of Rs. 10,000.00 as security deposit in favour of ‘KIIDC Ltd’. The transporters will operate their vehicles entirely at their own risk and KIIDC shall not be held responsible for any damage to the vehicle while on the company’s / customer’s work or when parked in or around the company’s/ customer’s or any other premises.

The Transporters will make their own arrangements for proper parking of their vehicles overnight / during detention in company’s/customer’s premises.

The transporters will ensure that all vehicles used for the transportation of consignments under transportation rate contracts are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. Under no circumstance shall the company be liable to compensate them for any loss or damage that may be caused to the vehicles while engaged in the discharge of the transporter’s obligations under this contract.

It shall be the responsibility of the transporter to provide at his cost trained and licensed personnel for running the vehicles.

The transporter shall ensure placing vehicles of suitable category, capacity (i.e. size and load) and quality. Overloading of the vehicles will not be permitted.

Proper loading and lashing of the consignments in most secured manner shall be done keeping in view extant government regulations and constraints en-route for safe transportation of consignments and its delivery to destination.

Transporters shall ensure that Motor Vehicle Act 1989 (as amended upto date) is strictly followed as applicable. Vehicles must carry upto date fitness, road permit, insurance and related documents/ certificates.

All drivers/concerned staff related to the transportation activities under this rate contract should be well aware about material safety, data sheet etc. and well conversant with the environmental impact arising from the specified activities pertaining to use of fuels, lube oils, its spillage and disposal of various harmful items used in automotive vehicles.

The transporter shall arrange required permits from RTO or other concerned authorities and ensure compliance of any other legal and statutory formalities connected with the transportation of goods at his cost. KIIDC doesn’t take any responsibility in this regard.

The transporter shall be solely responsible for the safe custody of the consignments from the time the documents are handed over to him until the consignments are delivered at the destination, duly obtaining acknowledgement of delivery.

Any failure in this regard shall be viewed seriously and KIIDC shall be free to take deterrent/penal action on the transporter concerned e.g. Suspension of business forthwith and future business dealings by KIIDC and recovery of all losses suffered by KIIDC from the transporter.

The transporter will indemnify KIIDC against any loss, damage, breakage, shortage and pilferage of any materials while in his custody.


The transporter shall have to indemnify KIIDC against all claims for injury or damage to any person or property caused by his negligence or negligence of his employees whilst in KIIDC premises/sites.

The transporter shall indemnify the company against all payments by way of compensation or otherwise which the company may be called upon to make under the provisions of the applicable Acts to any workmen

as aforesaid, and any cost incurred by the company in connection with any claim preferred by such workmen and or against all actions, claims and demands whatsoever in respect thereof or in respect of any loss, injury or damages whatsoever to any third person arising out of or occasioned by the negligent, imperfect or improper performance of this contract by the transporters, their workmen servants or agents.





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